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In Yearbook Stoodio, you won’t just make yearbooks, you’ll make yearbooks, better. That’s our promise.

That’s because Yearbook Stoodio is far more than just a yearbook editing tool.

Yearbook Stoodio is an all-in-one school yearbook creation, management, and delivery platform built to simplify and streamline the school yearbook experience. You’re covered, from front to back.

Yearbook Stoodio is a single source solution: One place to make your school yearbook program as easy as 1-2-3.

Manage Efficiently

Manage Content, Collaborators, and Production Tasks in One Place

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Make Easily

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Tools Eliminate Toil, Tasks, and Time

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Merchandise Effectively

Modern Merchandising Systems that Sell More, More Often

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Those are three good reasons. But here's another even better one:

This Year, We’re Giving You One More Really Good Reason to Choose STOODIO Yearbooks

Introducing the first-ever truly interactive, amazingly
immersive, and fully dynamic digital yearbook.

A 1-2 Punch: Print + Digital
A 1-2 Punch: Print + Digital

A winning combination designed to appeal to all generations: Evolves the yearbook tradition by adding a truly new and modern media format with boundless content opportunities with no added work, time, or cost.

Two products. One low price. No additional work or time.

Our digital editions are an exciting new multimedia format that extend and elevate the yearbook experience. Importantly, they’re created automatically without additional work or time while you’re composing your print yearbook

Print Yearbook
Print Yearbook

A time-honored tradition made better by cutting-edge digital production technologies and premium quality materials.

Digital Yearbook
Digital Yearbook

A breakthrough format that elevates your yearbook experience beyond the printed page.

That’s our better product now here’s our better process


Manage Your Yearbook More Efficiently

Manage Multiple Content Types, Collaborators, and Production Tasks in One Place:

  • Advanced asset management features that allow you to prep and stage both pro portrait, pro candid, and community-contributed content
  • Manage team assignments and progress tracking to keep your yearbook production on task, on track, and on time — at all times

Content Contribution and Management

Invite your entire school community - parents and students - to share pictures, video, audio and more to your schools media stream throughout the year from a roster of the schools events and activities

Events & Activities

Portrait and Roster Management

The most important and complex task in your yearbook production is portrait flow. We know this. And we’ve improved this. Working with school portrait providers we’ve made the management, control, and flow of student and staff portraits easier than ever before.

Management Console
Advanced Settings

Production Task Assignment and Milestone Management

Organize and arrange your yearbook’s sections and flow. The built-in project management system allows you to track the progress of each section against effort-based measurement and milestones — in real time.

Add a Section


Make Your Yearbook More Simply

More Templates and More Content Means Less Toil and Time:

  • Simply select your yearbook's theme and layouts from our extensive library and begin composing your pages
  • Compose your pages using a curated stream of community contributed content that’s searchable and sortable by date, event, and activity

Themes, Templates, and Layouts

We know that the most important part of your yearbook production is the design process. Design really is the heart and soul of your yearbook — each and every year. We’re committed to making your yearbook truly unique and the design process as simple and sophisticated as can be — as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Quickly Add Content and Context

Content selection can be overly time-consuming and truly tiresome. We fixed this by simplifying the ways communities contribute content on an on-going basis, while streamlining content asset organization, tagging, labeling, and search capabilities. Better than that, with a little help from our AI, Smartbox™ displays images contextual to your storytelling — section by section.


Themes, Templates, and Layouts

We know that the most important part of your yearbook production is the design process. Design really is the heart and soul of your yearbook — each and every year. We’re committed to making your yearbook truly unique and the design process as simple and sophisticated as can be — as simple as 1-2-3.

Not Just A PDF
Print Edition
Digital Edition


Merchandise Your Yearbook More Effectively

Modern Merchandising Systems that Sell More, More Often:

  • Setup your yearbook program and sell your yearbooks online from any device throughout the year — and any time beyond
  • Track, measure, and adjust your yearbook sales program using our full-featured merchandising and sales management portal

Custom School Storefronts

One for every school. Our built-in online storefronts are the most efficient way to promote and sell your yearbooks. These everlasting storefronts allow you to sell your yearbooks throughout the school year and any time after that.

New & Old Editions

Mobile Sales

Start your yearbook promotion and pre-sales early in the school year. Students and parents can purchase their yearbooks right from their computers or mobile devices in just a couple clicks. Sell early and sell often!

Mobile Notifications

Whether for pre-sale promotions or sales confirmation and tracking, you can reach and notify customers quickly and effectively using our built-in SMS/text or email systems and templates.

Fundraising Made Easy

A quick and easy way to set your yearbook’s retail price with or without a fundraising markup — in just a few clicks.

Sales Tracking

The many ways we help you make your yearbook better

We’ve got you covered: From front cover to back cover and every page in between, we promise to make your yearbook program the simplest and smoothest ever

Simple Pricing

  • No cost software systems and no hidden fees — ever
  • No long-term commitments or contracts required
  • Always the highest levels of quality and affordability

Production & Delivery

  • 10 business day turnaround*
  • Specifications that start where most stop — with always premium paper finishes and weights
  • Always on-time delivery to schools and to home**

Dedicated Support

  • Service and support concierge for each school — every school day all school year
  • Help materials, knowledge base, webinars, and more
  • Expert design assistance and services available at no additional cost
*10 business days from final approval of the yearbook proof
**Based on an on-time file release and timely approval of the yearbook proof

But don’t take just our word for it

The yearbooks are gorgeous!!!!! The children and their families are so happy with this keepsake. Working with Chanell was a wonderful experience. She helped us every step of the way. We could not be happier with the finished product and feel so fortunate that we received such attentive and personalized guidance throughout this process. Thank you [Stoodio Yearbooks] for everything!!

— Lisa O., Yearbook Advisor

[Stoodio Yearbooks was] easy to work with and the program was super easy to use.

— Allison N., Yearbook Advisor

The yearbooks… look absolutely perfect and look even better in person. We are truly impressed with the quality and everything about the book.

— Mei Z., Yearbook Advisor

Words can’t describe how happy we all were to get the yearbooks before graduation! They look great!

— Melissa R., Yearbook Advisor

Chanell made my yearbook making process super easy! She was always available to answer any of my questions and she was always clear and helpful. I look forward to working with [Stoodio Yearbooks] again!

— Melissa R., Yearbook Advisor

Omg!! The yearbooks are so beautiful!! Thank you so much Tehirah for all you did for us. The kids will get their books on Friday :) I know everyone will love them!!

— Sweety S., Yearbook Advisor

Chanell was wonderful. [She was] always around to answer questions and help. She was instrumental in getting our yearbooks on time. The yearbook came out beautiful. We are so happy.

— Erika K., Yearbook Advisor

Chanell was great! I truly learned a lot and appreciated working with her throughout the process.

— Mercedes Q., Yearbook Advisor

This was my first time making a yearbook and I greatly appreciate all the support I got. Each time I had a question it was answered in a timely manner and very detailed.

— Megan B., Yearbook Advisor

Tahira was amazing! She went above and beyond to assist us every step of the way. She is an asset to [Stoodio Yearbooks] and we enjoyed working with her!

— Nina M., Yearbook Advisor

“We just got the [yearbooks]! They came out great! It was a pleasure working with [Stoodio Yearbooks].

— Allison N., Yearbook Advisor

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